Veteran journalist Lino Cassar passes away

Veteran journalist and film critic Lino Cassar passed away on Thursday aged 78.

Lino Cassar
Lino Cassar

Veteran journalist and film critic Lino Cassar died on Thursday at the age of 78.

Cassar, winner of the Gold Award from the Institute of Journalism in 2007, served as editor of Iż-Żmien, founded and edited the satirical newspapers Ix-Xewka and was a regular contributor to a number of newspapers, including It-Torċa and the Labour Party's newspaper Kullħadd.

Cassar was also a pioneer in film criticism and served as chairman of the Board of Film and Stage Censors and as managing director of the Mediterranean Film Studios.

The Labour Party issued a statement expressing its condolences and described him as "a pillar of local journalism."

The Institute of Maltese Journalists (IGM) conveyed its condolences to Cassar's family and friends.

The institute described Cassar as "a human encyclopaedia in cinematography."


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albert leone
Lino sinonimu max Xewka, Xewka li bit-tniggiz taghha tbissem kienet bid-don li kellu Lino f'kitbietu! Lino kien GGANT f'kull sens, f'kitbietu, fl-interessi tieghu, fl-umorizmu u fi-ricerka tal-Verita u kif iwassal il-messagg tieghu!
Anton Camilleri
@ camillu int jaqaw xi dcc ohra uri ftit rispett jekk taf
Isabella Camilleri
I remember Lino from my Lyceum days. He was a year ahead of me. Even at the age of 13 he towered over everybody except Joe Ciappara. I remember when these were in Form IV F, the only Form IV at the Hamrun Lyceum, the pupils in this class were allowed to have their break outside the Lyceum courtyard. Their playground was in Piazza Fra Diegu, where a lot of inmates of the Institute used to sit on benches in the sun in winter.Most of the boys in Form IV were big, at least so they were in the eyes of students of Forms I II and III.These poor people of the Institute used to make it a point to stay sitting on benches during the Lyceum break, as it was too dangerous for them to venture around the Fra Diegu Square. But one day an old man was ambling along when Lino bumped into him while being chased by a colleague as they were playing harba. The old chap ended up on the ground and had to be helped to his feet, and blood was coming out of his mouth. The police came out of the nearby Police Station and Lino was taken to the PS. A report was lodged by the Police to the Headmaster, Giov Curmi - a lawyer, who decided that no student would be allowed out of the Lyceum ground during the break.
Stuart Micallef
Ergo, grazzi ta' xiex? Tal-hsara li ghamel b'kitbietu?
RIP Lino Grazzi tas servizz tieghek.

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