Private member’s bill to criminalize female genital mutilation

Labour MP Chris Fearne presents private member’s bill calling for the criminalisation of female genital mutilation.

MP Chris Fearne has proposed a bill to outlaw female genital mutilation, whether in Malta or abroad when it is carried out on Maltese residents.
MP Chris Fearne has proposed a bill to outlaw female genital mutilation, whether in Malta or abroad when it is carried out on Maltese residents.

A private member's bill presented by Labour MP Chris Fearne seeks the criminalisation of female genital mutilation in Malta or on Maltese residents abroad.

The bill's purpose is to make a provision for the offence of genital mutilation, forced sterilization and forced marriage, when it is carried out on women who are in Malta or have residence in Malta even if they are not in the country.

Addressing the press, Fearne said that whoever performs FGM should be liable to punishment of imprisonment, whether the act is carried out in Malta, irrespective of the girl's nationality, if it is carried out by a foreigner on a Maltese resident and if a Maltese resident is taken abroad for the intervention.

Fearne said he knows of cases where children in Malta had been taken abroad for these operations, although he is unaware as to whether the practice was being carried out on Maltese soil.

"People don't publicize this practice and therefore anyone who comes across such a situation or knows that it is happening, should now be obliged to inform the authorities," Fearne said.

The private member's bill will be brought before the House Business Committee. Government whip Carmelo Abela didn't rule out that once parliament reconvenes next week, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat will make a ministerial statement on the China energy MoU.

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