More Enemalta workers facing suspension over smart meter racket

Investigators say scale of smart racket could be greater than first expected

Investigators have still not established how the smart meters could have been tampered with
Investigators have still not established how the smart meters could have been tampered with

More than 1,000 smart meters have been tampered with since they were first deployed by Enemalta in 2011, police investigations have revealed.

Investigators have told MaltaToday that more Enemalta employees are to be suspended, in addition to three already suspended, pending further police investigations into the tampering of smart meters.

"There are more workers involved, and the racket appears to be greater than first thought," a source told this newspaper.

No ranks of workers have been named, although top management was said not to be involved in the racket.

Hundreds of residences and businesses are believed to have benefited from the "expert job" that saw the new smart meters accessed and inserted with a special device that recorded less energy units being consumed.

Energy minister Konrad Mizzi yesterday revealed the outcome of a preliminary investigation that found 1,000 smart meters had been tampered with, leading to the suspension of three Enemalta employees.

The smart electricity meter is an advanced meter that can store information  and transmit the data via a network to a central system. It can also receive commands from a remote location.

The existing electricity meter does not permit any of this. In the case of existing meters, the consumption has to be read manually and the meter does not communicate to and from a central system.

However, the water meter is a radio-frequency device that transmits water meter readings to ARMS offices by emitting pulses in the form of radio waves.

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All this scam point to the employees at ENEMALTA thieving their own (and our) company. There can be no systematic theft without the collaboration of ENEMALTA employees. Probably the employees smelled that the 'pezzi di quaranta' on top were themselves very busy with their hands in the sack! Then we had the GonziSimonPN who knew what was going on and never took action! Why? Not to loose votes? Or is something more sinister? Then there are the unions UHM GWU): they never knew what was going on? Is it in their interest that these thefts should not take place? Imbasta kulhadd bravu biex jiggieled ghal beneficcji u ftehim godda! Nispera li Dr Konrad Mizzi ma jemmen lil hadd u jibda mil-gdid kull operat kull sistenma ta awditjar u kontrol fuq l-EneMlata! Mhux ta b'xejn li l-PN kissru u fallew lill- EneMalta u lil Malta. Vera li l-PL mhux se isolvi il-problemi kollha li wiret minghand il-PN; imma kull xkupa gdida tghodd. Grazzi lil dawk il-Maltin kollha li ivvotaw favur il- bidla u kontra il-Gvern ta GonziSimonPn li halla biss disastru f'kull qasam!
Nice to hear that the culprits, if found guilty are brought to justice and made to pay back every one cent stolen. And while they are at it, the people investigating should also check if people caught steeling electricity in the past recent years were brought to justice and paid for their action, because sometimes I doubt it, hux hux.....
It seems that we spend lot of money on these smart meters for nothing,because the Maltese as you can see are smarter.
We had the vehicle/boat licence, scam. The tampering with the bus ticket machines. The fiscal receipt swindle. In the past, we had police corruption galore! Corruption in government departments, also in the past. And the list goes on and on!
How about the heated swimming pools of the enemalta employees themselves.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!