Armed Forces rescues 90 migrants at sea

Boatload of 90 asylum seekers rescued at sea by Armed Forces of Malta

Some 90 migrants were rescued by the AFM (file photo)
Some 90 migrants were rescued by the AFM (file photo)

90 asylum seekers have been rescued at sea by the Armed Forces of Malta.

They were rescued by the AFM's P-61 patrol boat in an area inside the Maltese search and rescue zone, while en route towards Italy.

The Italian navy this week effected rescue missions of some 2,000 asylum seekers and migrants at sea, altogether comprising 20 dinghies.

The migrants include five women.

After locating the migrant vessel some 25 nautical miles off Gozo, the Armed Forces of Malta diverted an inshore patrol vessel that was on patrol and dispatched the AFM Offshore patrol vessel P61 to the area to assess the situation.

All the persons on board were subsequently transferred on AFM Patrol vessels. The AFM sea assets with migrants onboard was due to arrive at Haywharf base at 11pm.

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