No additional honoraria for former Presidents, PMs in new consultancy role

President’s Foundation for Well-Being of Society to start operating in the coming weeks with the setting up of four new entities.

President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca (Photo: Ray Attard)
President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca (Photo: Ray Attard)

Former Presidents and Prime Ministers, who will serve on the council of governors of the President’s Foundation for the Well-Being of Society, will do so voluntarily.

Sister newspaper Illum reports that they will not receive any compensation or honoraria for their participation.

The President’s foundation for the well-being of society was founded earlier this week and aims to serve as a platform for independent consultation and research on social aspects.

Asked whether it was more opportune to utilise existing instruments such as the President’s Forum or the Community Chest Fund – which both fall within the Presidency’s remit – a foundation spokesperson told Illum that these have different functions.

“The foundation will address social aspects which the President’s forum is not addressing, while the Community Chest Fund will keep on assisting those in need. In contrast with the latter, the foundation will not provide a service, but rather focus on aspects of research and consultation,” the spokesperson underlined.

In order to reach its objectives, the foundation will establish four separate entities, namely a National Institute for Childhood, an Observatory for Living with Dignity, a National Family Research Centre and a Centre for Freedom from Addiction.

These are expected to start operating in the coming weeks once the President consults the council of governors, as requested by the statute.

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