Illegal works on Helena Dalli's farmhouse being carried out by her own company - PN

Ryan Callus questions why Equal Opportunities Minister didn't declare Zejtun farmhouse as an asset

Opposition MPs Charlo Bonnici and Ryan Callus in Zejtun (Photo:Chris Mangion)
Opposition MPs Charlo Bonnici and Ryan Callus in Zejtun (Photo:Chris Mangion)

Illegal works on the farmhouse belonging Equal Opportunities Minister Helena Dalli are being carried out by her own company, shadow planning spokesman Ryan Callus said.

"Helena Dalli is a 99% shareholder in PADA Builders company and pictures revealed by PN online news portal show PADA's logo on the tractor carrying works at her farmhouse," Callus said.

"A tractor owned by Dalli's company is carrying out works on her farmhouse, and yet she has claimed to have no idea about these works. She lied to the people and she no longer has any credibility."

Callus also revealed the declaration of assets that Dalli had made in parliament, that showed two properties, neither of which was the Zejtun farmhouse.

"Why didnt she declare these assets in parliament?" Callus asked. "Did she want to hide something? She needs to shoulder political responsibility and if she doesnt, then Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has to."

According to the farmhouse's soon-to-be new owner Jason Desira, there is a promise of sale agreement and a contract should be signed in the coming six months.

Despite a number of MEPA enforcement notices on the pre-1967 farmhouse in Ramla Road, Zejtun, works on the site have been ongoing. Desira had interrupted a PN press conference on Friday to say that the Dallis had nothing to do with the works and that it was he who had deposited soil in the property.

As no contract between the Dallis and Desira has yet been signed, the farmhouse still belongs to the minister and her husband.

When asked whether he was calling for Dalli's resignation, Callus said that Labour in Opposition had called for the resignation of then PN president Victor Scerri over the development of a Bidnija farmhouse in the Bahrija countryside.

"MEPA had completed their process in that incidence, whereas they havent in the case of Dallis farmhouse. We are asking the Labour government to stick to their own standards. It's amazing that Dalli has so far remained silent about this scandal. It's an indication that she has something to hide."