Talks with Libya crucial opportunity for political solution: PN

Nationalist Party welcomes Libya talks in Geneva

PN announces that it welcomes talks with Libya
PN announces that it welcomes talks with Libya

The Nationalist Party has announced that it welcomes the agreement of Libyan parties to hold a new round of political talks with the help of the United Nations in Geneva this week.

According to the party, these talks would represent a crucial opportunity to find a political solution to the crisis in Libya and they would bring opposing camps around the same negotiating table.

“The political stalemate and increasing conflict in Libya has led to instability in the Mediterranean region, with the Libyan people facing a worsening situation every day,” said shadow Minister for European and Foreign Affairs Roberta Metsola (MEP). 

The Nationalist Party said that it strongly urges all parties to engage in constructive dialogue.

“This is the sole means to ensure stability in the country and it must include the formation of a unity government and the furthering of constitutional reforms. Libya cannot be allowed to slide towards eventual collapse. The political, security and economic effects on the Libyan people and the entire region would be catastrophic”, said Metsola.

The Nationalist Party said that it had called on the government of Malta to keep the public fully informed of the developments in this regard. The party reiterated its commitment to help find a solution to prevent Libya from sliding further towards deeper conflict.

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