Free construction works: PN leader to await outcome of investigation

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says he learnt of allegations for the first time following MaltaToday report • Says contractors approached him after election 'to complain over non-payments'


Simon Busuttil and Chris Said. Photo: Chris Mangion
Simon Busuttil and Chris Said. Photo: Chris Mangion

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says former PN minister Giovanna Debono has categorically denied all allegations and he would first await the outcome of the police investigations before determining what action, if any, he would be taking.

Replying to questions raised by journalists during the launch of the PN candidates for the local council elections, Busuttil said that the first time he learned of the details pertaining to the case was from the MaltaToday report.

He also said that, following the 2013 election, a number of contractors approached him to complain over payments pertaining to works carried out which were never received

"Giovanna Debono has categorically denied any knowledge of the allegations being made. I will await the outcome of the police investigation and base my decision on that," he said, adding that his decision would reflect the "political standards I have set".

Busuttil however went on to add that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was using this story to shield himself from the Cafe Premier scandal.

"I urge independent journalists not to allow Muscat to manipulate you, simply to deviate attention from the €4.2 million Cafe Premier scandal," he said.

Busuttil said it was "banal" of Muscat to state that the payments to Cities Entertainment should not be stopped because the mistakes done were procedural.

"He was directly involved in the negotiations. Joseph Muscat must resign. You cannot have a Muscat under the veil of such a scandal."
PN Secretary General Chris Said, a Gozitan MP and former Nadur mayor, also denied any knowledge of free construction works offered to constituents.

Busuttil also called on Muscat to publish the full list of Swissleaks: "What is he waiting for? All we know so far is that there were two former PN ministers on the list, who didn't declare them and evaded tax. You all know that both of them were immediately suspended and that Michael Falzon had come forward, to suspend himself."



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