Paediatricians urge MPs to allow parents use sick leave when kids are unwell

Idea first floated by PN during the March 2013 general elections, and included by Labour in its electoral manifesto • Employment Department was last year examining how to best introduce the measure

The association of Malta paediatricians urged Malta’s parliament to legislate in favour of a measure allowing parents to benefit from sick leave when their children are unwell.

The measure was first floated by the Nationalist Party in the runup to the general election and listed by the Labour Party as an electoral pledge.

Last year, the Department of Employment was examining how to best introduce this measure while studies were being carried out. While workers’ unions welcomed the proposal, employers dubbed the proposed measure “a crazy idea”.

In a statement, the association called on both sides of the House to come together, consult with the interested parties and implement the measure.

“Such a measure will also result in greater respect and loyalty on behalf of the worker, with the employer recognising the responsibilities which workers have towards their children,” the association said.

The association said allowing parents to take sick leave when their children are unwell, would also give parents peace of mind: “Children need the comfort of their parents when they are weak and vulnerable.”

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