Gozitan students concerned over accommodation in Msida

Gozo University Group express concern over lack of accommodation for students in Malta

The Gozo University Group (GUG) today expressed its concern over the “extreme” difficulty Gozitan students are facing in finding accommodation near the University in Msida.

The student organisation noted that since the demand for accommodation in Msida has increased, rents have increased and Gozitan students are being asked to pay higher rates.

“It has become really difficult for students to find a suitable accommodation with reasonable prices. Every year, the rent of apartments is constantly increasing and considering the cost of living it is becoming much more difficult for Gozitan students to cope with the current prices,” GUG said.

While pointing out that the student grant is beneficial, GUG said this does not cover the expenses incurred monthly. 

“GUG is concerned about the current situation, and it fears that if no measures are taken in the near future the outcome will be problematic for Gozitan students studying in Malta.”

The students called for a strategic plan for accommodation in Msida “under economical means that suit a student's budget.”

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