In the Press: Woman spent nine years locked up in bedroom

Stories from today's national press. 

Times of Malta

A court heard how an intellectually disabled woman spent the past nine years locked up in her bedroom for up to 17 hours a day. She was allegedly locked up by Anna Maria Jimenez, 33, who would give her victim Playmobil parts to assemble which she would then exchange for money at the factory.


Opposition leader Simon Busuttil told a crowd of party faithful in Valletta that the Nationalist Party deserves to get elected to government because Malta deserves better than the governing Labour Party.


The General Workers’ Union and ST Microelectronics have agreed on terms over a new collective agreement for staff at the corporation’s Maltese plant.

The Malta Independent

Maltese MEPs Roberta Metsola and Miriam Dalli have insisted that Malta’s armed forces are not abdicating their responsibilities to save lives at sea, following reports in the Italian press about a deal between Malta and Italy through which the latter will take in all asylum seekers saved in the Mediterranean Sea.





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