In the Press: Bikers honour motorcyclist Johanna Boni and appeal for safer roads

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27-year-old Johanna Boni was fatally injured in a tragic road accident last week
27-year-old Johanna Boni was fatally injured in a tragic road accident last week

Newspapers are dominated by images of hoards of motorcyclists who joined in a bike ride from Luxol Ground to Labour Avenue, Naxxar. The ride was held in honour of Johanna Boni, the 27-year-old who lost her life in the first tragic fatal accident of the year, last week. The bikers, were led by Boni’s boyfriend Daryl Cauchi, and Chapter director of the Harley Owners Group, Julian Calleja  made an impassioned plea for more attention on the roads, as he spoke to the bikers at the scene of the accident.

The Times of Malta

Police have identified two suspects in an explosion that went off outside the home of businessman Sandro Ciliberti last Friday. The paper reports that police had searched two houses in connection with the event and that the police believed that the device had been manufactured in Malta and then delivered to Gozo. Reports show that the police is also looking into Ciliberti’s business links to determine any possible culprits. The 45-year-old and his partner escaped the event unharmed, but the blast outside their residence in Gnien Xibla Street, rocked the locality of Xaghra in the early hours of Friday.


The paper carries the story of two young people who are currently at the ITU. The young men, one aged 18 and the other aged 21, were involved in a traffic accident in November. The two had also received an unprecedented emergency operation to try and alleviate the damage of the accident, which had caused the arteries to tear in some places, causing extensive blood loss. The paper adds, that the operations, unprecedented in emergency situations shoed the progress at Mater Dei hospital.

In- Nazzjon

Oppoasition leader Simon Busuttil says that the people are paying the price for the corruption of the government. Speaking during an interview with Radio 101 yesterday, Busuttil spoke about the excessive fuel prices in the country. Busuttil added that in the past few days, international fuel prices had dropped significantly, with some countries enjoying drops of around one third or one quarter of the original price, whereas Malta had enjoyed no such drop. Busuttil also spoke about police corruption  and whether justice minister Owen Bonnici deserved his position after dodging journalists’ questions during a press conference last Friday.

The Malta Independent

A 2015 study by Charities Aid Foundation revealed that Malta is the third most generous nation in the world in terms of monetary donation, but that alternately, it is the most likely country to turn the other way when faced by strangers in need.  The CAF World Giving Index is recognised as the best comparative measure for generosity around the world, based on three counts; giving money, giving time and helping a stranger.