MaltaToday survey: Traffic, corruption concerns register marked increase

Concern on immigration has risen by two points •  Only 1.2% have concern over economic issues

Traffic has remained the top concern of the Maltese, a survey carried out by MaltaToday in the second week of January shows.

But the survey also shows a sharp increase in concern about public transport (+7) and corruption (+7). Concern on both issues is the highest registered in MaltaToday soundings held since 2013.

Worries about corruption have gone up by seven points compared to August, reaching the highest level ever recorded in MaltaToday surveys. Corruption now emerges as the greatest concern of PN voters and the second most serious concern of university educated voters. 

While 14% of all respondents mentioned corruption as a top concern (up from seven points in August), the percentage rises to 30% among university educated respondents. Concern on corruption is lowest among Labour voters and those with a primary level of education. 

The rise in concern on public transport follows the introduction of new routes. The worry on public transport is just two points higher among PN voters. But in an indication that concern about public transport rises above partisan consideration, 14% of PL voters mentioned buses among their two top concerns. Concern on public transport was highest among those with a post secondary level of education.

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