PN, Chamber of Advocates agree on temporary freeze of judicial appointments

Opposition leader proposes temporary freeze of judicial appointments and insists time is ripe for radical reform

Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil said no new judicial appointments should be made before the process is reformed.

Speaking in a meeting with the Chamber of Advocates, Busuttil said that following the botched appointment of Ingrid Zammit Young the “time is right for a reform in the way judicial appointments are made.”

Earlier today, opposition MP Jason Azzopardi filed a private members’ bill to amend the Constitution and establish a judicial services appointment authority.

The PN is proposing that the authority, appointed by the President of Malta, recommends the appointments of the Chief Justice, judges, magistrates and small claims tribunal adjudicators.

Chamber president George Hyzler agreed with a temporary freeze in judicial appointments as long as this is a “short-term” measure.

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