[WATCH] Losing control of Air Malta would mean ‘losing control of our future’ – MHRA

Malta Hotel and Restaurants Association presidnet Tony Zahra and Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil discuss the future of the tourism and hospitality sector

MHRA president Tony Zahra • Photo by Ray Attard
MHRA president Tony Zahra • Photo by Ray Attard
Losing control of Air Malta would mean ‘losing control of our future’ – MHRA • Video by Ray Attard

Losing control of Air Malta would mean the country loses its power to steer its own destiny, Malta Hotels and Restaurants association President Tony Zahra said.

Speaking during a meeting with the Nationalist Party, Zahra spoke about the necessity to ensure that the power to make pertinent decisions was retained by Maltese people and entities, regardless of the foreign companies the airline has to partner with to survive.

Reassuring that the association has no iincling that this was the case, Zahra added that the association seemed to be very much on the same page as the PN in terms of the development necessary to the sector.

“We can say that tourism is in an enviable position at the moment, with countries seeking to emulate the figures achieved locally,” he said, adding that it was now necessary to look at ways to keep these positive developments in the long term.

Zahra added that the aim was to go from growth to development.

“Malta should be a first choice for tourism not just because of the price,” he said stressing that the association believed looking towards strengthening human resources could go a long way into this unique experience.

Zahra said that a study carried out during the past year had shown why Maltese people were not considering careers in the sector.

He explained that one of the necessities was proving to Maltese people that  tourism could be a well-paying and satisfying career.

“Other developments include the redevelopment of ITS as a centre for tourism studies in the Mediterranean,” he said.

Nationalist party leader Simon Busuttil, spoke to members of the council about the PN’s document about the economy; 'An Economy for the people'.

“The document looks at the economy for the next 10-20 years,” he said adding that it had taken into account the suggestions made by the MHRA.

 “For us, the economy is not just an end in and of itself, but it is a means to this end; for the benefit of the people,” he added.

Busuttil explained that the party had also discussed Air Malta in its document, and he expressed his hope that the restructuring exercise would be completed soon and that everyone is informed about the developments.

“We are also supporting the government in this process,” he said, lamenting the fact that the government was not keeping the PN abreast of any developments.

He added that the PN’s only condition is to secure that accessibility was not fettered by any developments.  

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