PN sets up online petition to call for Muscat's head

PN petition urges Joseph Muscat to 'honour his electoral pledge of accountability' and resign as Prime Minister in light of the Panama Papers scandal 

The Nationalist Party has set up an online petition, calling on Joseph Muscat to resign as Prime Minister in light of the Panama Papers scandal.

“Honest politics is important to us,” the petition addressed to Muscat reads. “Good governance should be seen in the administration of our country’s affairs and in the soul of government’s ethical standards.

“Under your Government an unprecedented number of cases of alleged corruption, fraud, conflicts of interest, incompetence, irregularilities, clientelism, nepotism and discriminatory practices have come to light. Fairness and political morality are sliding into oblivion and with them this country's reputation.

“We are seriously concerned with what is happening in our country. We strongly reject corruption and the damage which it is causing. Unfortunately you have done too little, too late to resolve this problem.

“We want to continue living in a country guided by democracy and strong institutions. We value fairness and freedom and reject your attempts to assert control at all costs.

“The only honourable thing to do at this stage would be for you to resign. Please give our country a second chance. What we ask of you is to honour your electoral pledge of accountability and step down as Prime Minister.”

PN spokesperson Matthew Bonett told MaltaToday that the petition was set up to allow people to make their voices heard against corruption.

He was non-committal when asked whether the final list of signatures will be presented to Muscat, saying that the party will have to “wait and see”.

The Nationalist Party has called on energy minister Konrad Mizzi and OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri to resign from their political posts, ever since they were revealed to own offshore companies in Panama.

In recent days though, the party has increasingly shifted the onus of responsibility the Prime Minister. Opposition leader Simon Busuttil on Thursday announced that he will move a no confidence motion in the entire Labour government. On Sunday, he will lead a protest in Valletta calling on Muscat to sack Mizzi and Schembri or resign himself.  

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