In the Press: Zurrieq mayor erroneously jailed by appeals court

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The Times of Malta

The PM's chief of staff Keith Schembri only declared his overseas financial assets after the media revealed their existence, seven months after a trading company in Panama was set up, in breach of local income tax declaration laws. Schembri now faces a fine. 


In what this newspaper calls evidence of a crisis in government, a six-hour long meeting between Labour MPs was held yesterday in Castille, in the wake of the publication of new details about the overseas financial activities of minister Konrad Mizzi.


Zurrieq mayor Ignatius Farrugia was sentenced to four days behind bars yesterday, by the Court of Appeal, which erroneously handed down a sentence that was harsher than the one imposed by the first court.

The Malta Independent

In a survey conducted by this newspaper, 49% of respondents felt that the PM should sack his chief of staff in reaction to allegations of corruption. 23% felt he should stay on in his post and 27% could not decide either way. 

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