In the Press: Tax evasion probe into businessman over Panama Papers leak, Times claims

Stories from today's national press. 

Times of Malta

The government has ordered the Tax Compliance Unit to investigate possible tax evasion by businessman Pierre Sladden and his company Redmap Ltd, as the fallout continues from the Panama Papers leaks.

The Malta Independent

A survey shows that government support among Labour voters has dropped by 18.2% over the last year. However, 40.8% of respondents still rated the government’s performance as positive, compared to 34.5% for the Opposition.


Around 4.7 million passengers crossed the channel between Malta and Gozo last year, an increase of around 100,000 people when compared to 2014.


A court ruled Opposition MP Jason Azzopardi not guilty, in a criminal defamation case filed by former police commissioner Peter Paul Zammit. 

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