[WATCH] Labour MPs expected to toe party line in motion against Konrad Mizzi

Prime Minister confident that a proposed parliamentary motion against Konrad Mizzi will once again show ‘a united group’

Photo by Ray Attard
Photo by Ray Attard
Muscat on Konrad Mizzi vote of no confidence

The Labour parliamentary group is expected to toe the party line in a vote of no confidence against Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi if independent MP Marlene Farrugia goes ahead with a proposed motion.

Replying to questions by journalists on whether his MPs will be forced to toe the party line, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said this was not a matter of conscience.

“I’m not anticipating a split in the party,” Muscat said, adding that a number of MPs have already declared they would be voting with the government.

“We’ll take it one step at a time. I am convinced the parliamentary group will remain united,” he insisted.

Farrugia proposed the motion of no confidence in Mizzi during the 13-hour debate in Parliament ahead of the vote of no confidence filed by the PN against the government on Monday.

Parliament’s House Business Committee will now convene to set a debate date for Farrugia’s no-confidence motion against Mizzi, which PN leader Simon Busuttil has already pledged to support.

Farrugia also plans on filing a similar motion against OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri, but has not indicated when she plans on doing so. She has called on Muscat to remove him.