Update 2 | Nationalist MP Kristy Debono’s car ‘deliberately’ vandalised

Nationalist MP Kristy Debono says ‘senseless and aggressive attacks’ will lead to nowhere after vandals target her car as well as that of her husband •  PN, Labour Party condemn 'cowardly' act

The car of Nationalist MP Kristy Debono, as well as that of her husband Jean Pierre, the PN’s assistant general secretary, were vandalised last night.

In a post on Facebook, Debono said the cars were “deliberately targeted and vandalised”. Pictures showed the car’s rear view window smashed, while broken glass was also on the baby’s car seat.

“I am sure that these deliberate attacks whether they are related to our political work or not, are sending absolutely no message other than to keep on working and to fight for what I believe in.”

“These senseless and aggressive attacks lead to nowhere,” she said.

This is the second time in less than 10 days that vandals target a member of Malta’s parliament. On 29 April, vandals targeted the front door of social welfare minister Michael Farrugia’s house.

The vandalism was condemned by the Nationalist Party, the Labour Party, and the Speaker of the House Anglu Farrugia.

The PN said irrespective of the reason that trigerred the vandalism, no politicians should be afraid of voicing the people's claims. Similarly, the Labour Party said the cowardly attacks that targeted Debono and Michael Farrugia will only serve to strengthen the resolve of all MPs.