Importer notifies Medicines Authority of plan to import emergency contraceptive ellaOne

Medicines Authority receives notification, application to register emergency contraceptives but encourages importers to wait for parliamentary committee outcome

ellaOne is on the EU's central register
ellaOne is on the EU's central register

The Medicines Authority has received both an application and also a notification over the possible importation of emergency contraceptives, Levonelle 1500mcg table and ellaOne respectively.

Since ellaOne is on the EU’s community register of medicinal products, an importer does not require a licence by the Medicines Authority to import the emergency contraceptive pill, but the importer is still obliged to inform the watchdog.

MaltaToday is informed that the Medicines Authority has received such a notification. The authority has also received an application for the importation of the Levonelle 1500mcg tablet.

In comments to MaltaToday, Medicines Authority chairman Anthony Serracino Inglott told MaltaToday that both importers have been advised to wait for the outcome of the parliamentary committee before proceeding with their request.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has said that there currently is nothing that stops an importer from bringing in an emergency contraceptive pill to Malta. It is currently easier for an importer to import ellaOne, as this is already on the central register and all the Medicines Authority requires is to be notified.

The importer can however be blocked if parliament passes a law banning emergency contraception, specifically targeting the morning-after pill – a move that has been described by both Joseph Muscat and Serracino Inglott as “draconian”.

Muscat has directed his parliamentary group to prepare a report: joint meetings of the family, health and social affairs parliamentary committees were held; sitting MPs will now draft their report which will be presented to parliament.

“Parliament is the country’s highest institution and it is only respectful that one awaits the outcome of these meetings,” Serracino Inglott said.

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