[WATCH] We can longer take things for granted, Busuttil warns in Christmas message

Simon Busuttil delivers Christmas message from his Lija home, warns events in 2016 have shaken common perceptions of the world

Simon Busuttil delivered his Christmas message from his Lija home
Simon Busuttil delivered his Christmas message from his Lija home


Unexpected events on the local and international scene throughout 2016 mean that certaina aspect of the world can no longer be taken for granted, Opposition leader Simon Busuttil warned in his annual Christmas message.

“Events that took place in 2016 concerned many of us because they were so unexpected,” Busuttil said. “Things that we used to take for granted until very recently are now far more uncertain.”

He made no reference of the events in question, but it is understood that he was partially referring to the rise in terrorism.

Busuttil’s message was filmed from his living room, giving people a sneak peak of the interior of his Lija house.

“I wanted to invite you to my home this Christmas,” Busuttil said in his opening message. “This is where my family meets up everyday, where Kristina [Chetcuti] and myself share our stories about work, about the house, about our families and friends, and above everything, about our children.”

Indeed, he hailed the family as the base from which people form their values.

“If we take care of our roots, we’d be able to build a stronger society,” he said. “In 2017, let’s work as one family, one community and one nation, so that we can truly succeed together.”

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