Minister denies blogger’s claim source saw him inside German brothel

Source who spoke to Daphne Caruana Galizia claims he witnessed Chris Cardona inside German brothel, which minister categorically denies

Minister of the economy Chris Cardona and chief of staff Mario Azzopardi
Minister of the economy Chris Cardona and chief of staff Mario Azzopardi

The minister for the economy Chris Cardona has issued a categorical denial to allegations published in the blog of Malta Independent columnist Daphne Caruana Galizia, that he was witnessed inside a German brothel.

Cardona is on an official government visit in Germany.

“This outright lie is another attempt on Caruana Galizia’s part to discredit and sully an individual’s reputation,” Cardona said, accusing the columnist of peddling fake news.

According to Caruana Galizia, a source who contacted her allegedly witnessed Cardona “emerging naked from the showing shouting: ‘Haqq ****, kemm hu kiesah l-ilma’. [how cold the water is...] This is when my source spotted him” – suggesting that the witness is also Maltese.

The post was uploaded on her blog at 11:45pm on Monday.

The brothel, the FKK Acapulco of Velbert, charges patrons a €40 entrance fee, but patrons can negotiate separate fees with female masseuses and escorts on site.

“This has not been the first incident where Minister Cardona has been the target of this blogger’s writing. However, as he has done previously, the minister will continue to fulfill his role in attracting investment, strengthening the current economic climate, and creating more job opportunities,” the Ministry for the Economy said.

At 5:45pm, Cardona announced he would take legal steps against Caruana Galizia for persisting in creating "fictitious stories" despite his categorical denial.

Cardona is currently in Germany to participate in the first Stakeholder Forum on the Digitisation of European Industry, as a speaker on the invitation of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs.

The forum is being held in Essen, 28 minutes away from Velbert. The Stakeholder Forum starts today and lasts until 1 February.

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