[WATCH] MediaLink’s right to commercial privacy must be respected, Busuttil insists

Simon Busuttil refuses to weigh in on MediaLink's business dealings, says PN's media arm has a right to commercial privacy

Simon Busuttil was speaking to the press during a visit to the University
Simon Busuttil was speaking to the press during a visit to the University

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil insisted that dealings conducted by MediaLink with businesses must remain private, arguing that the PN’s media arm has “the right to commercial privacy”.

MaltaToday revealed last week that the DB Group’s controversial €70,800 payment to MediaLink came through its subsidiary Sky Gourmet Malta, a company which exclusively provides catering services to airlines and therefore has no need to issue adverts. The Labour Party has accused the PN of breaching party financing legislation by issuing invoices through its media arm for donations made to the party, but the PN has insisted that the invoices covered programmes on Net TV.

Responding to questions by MaltaToday as to whether MediaLink has accepted other similar payments from other businesses, Busuttil insisted that the commercial sensitivity of the company’s dealings must be respected.

“With that argument, one can then argue that anyone who advertises on Net or Super One [sic] is breaking the law. We must be very careful how we put our words,” he said. “Unlike the Labour Party, the PN has registered with the Electoral Commission and published its donations.”

Busuttil added that the PN has copies of the invoices MediaLink had issued to the DB Group worth €70,800, including VAT.

“The Electoral Commission is investigating this case, as well as Labour’s failure to register itself as a party with the Electoral Commission,” he said. “We’ll keep defending our position as we have nothing to hide. Labour hasn’t even registered itself, and is therefore in no position to give any lessons about the party financing law.” 

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