Social Welfare Foundation chief denounces PN MEPs as ‘traitors’

Alfred Grixti urges Archbishop to condemn PN MEPs Roberta Metsola and David Casa as 'the traitors that they are' 

Alfred Grixti has denounced PN MEPs Roberta Metsola and David Casa as 'traitors'
Alfred Grixti has denounced PN MEPs Roberta Metsola and David Casa as 'traitors'

The chief executive of the Social Welfare Foundation Services has denounced PN MEPS Roberta Metsola and David Casa as “traitors” for having criticised Joseph Muscat at the European Parliament.

In a Facebook post, Alfred Grixti – a former PL official and Haz-Zebbug mayor – stood up for former GWU secretary general Tony Zarb after his criticism against the PN MEPs was decried as hate speech by Archbishop Charles Scicluna.

 “With all due respect, Mons. Archbishop…if you want to be credible and coherent, then you must first call out those bad losers who are trying to harm our country at the European Parliament as the traitors that they are, before condemning our friend Tony Zarb.”

Grixti also urged Scicluna to condemn whole-heartedly “those people who spew poison and hated against everyone who isn’t a Nationalist through supposed investigative writing online”.

“Until you start doing this, then you have no religious, spiritual or moral authority to condemn anyone because what you are currently doing clearly shows that you are part of the coalition of confusion that can only see wrong in the Labour Party and its supporters. Now we are starting to understand the reasons behind the conspiracy to oust your predecessor [Paul Cremona].”

Tony Zarb recently drew criticism from the Nationalist Party after he denounced Metsola and Casa as “traitors of Malta” and said that they should receive a “traitors’ welcome” when they touch down in their home country.

He was commenting after the two MEPs pledged to continue flagging government corruption at the European Parliament during a debate last week on the rule of law in Malta. Metsola responded by accusing Zarb of using antiquated hate speech, while Casa said that the former GWU boss is defending corruption.

Requested by the Times of Malta to comment on Zarb’s invective, Archbishop Scicluna said that character assassination and attempts at intimidation have no place in a democracy.

“Hate speech, wherever it comes from, is unbecoming of grownups debating issues of national importance. Democracy will never be served by attempts at character assassination and intimidation of the other.”