PN’s AZAD chief shows how Delia’s ‘malicious attack’ spin is a load of cobblers

Adrian Delia’s spin on a report on his business interests is being questioned by keen observers of the PN’s leadership election

It takes some ‘mastermind’ to engineer a public spat where there is none, after MaltaToday managing editor Saviour Balzan had the temerity to look up Delia’s business interests.

MaltaToday’s report on Delia’s business relationships, one of them being the former brother-in-law of outgoing PN leader Simon Busuttil, was met with a livid reaction from PN leadership candidate Adrian Delia.

Although Delia is currently on holiday abroad with his family, on Tuesday the candidate issued a statement claiming that Balzan had “attacked” Busuttil’s family – ostensibly when making reference to the widely-reported public altercation between Busuttil’s sister Diane and ex-husband Eucharist Bajada, who is in business with Delia.

The spin – for Delia called it a ‘malicious attack’ – reverberated on Facebook, where Delia exhorted followers to “condemn the attack”, prompting a barrage of vitriol that continued on the Malta Independent, whose director of content Pierre Portelli happens to be consulting Delia on his campaign [read here Portelli’s comments not ruling out a PN secretary-general bid].

Only that it was David Griscti, the director of the PN think-tank AZAD, who was willing to cut through the inane jabber and ask: “Where is the attack? I seem to have missed it. Can someone point it out to me?”

And again: “Seriously! I genuinely cannot see the attack, at least in what I read so far.”

But it’s the aptly named ‘No Bullshit’ who frames it better.

“You are right, Dr Griscti. Delia is alleging a ‘malicious attack’ when the article in question is in fact recounting an incident that was already in the public domain. Why this paranoia? Perhaps Delia should pipe down and come to terms with public exposure, which includes fair comment and proper reporting about his business interests which citizens and voters demand and expect as part and parcel of normal democratic life.”

MaltaToday report

Delia appears as a minority shareholder with PN leader Simon Busuttil’s former brother-in-law, Eucharist Bajada Jnr in the company Frankef Limited, and as director with him in the company Chris, Nicholas & Associates Company Limited. Delia is also a shareholder with Bajada senior in Patience Developments Limited.

Bajada was formerly the husband of Busuttil’s sister Diane, the fractious couple having made the headlines last year in a public altercation. Bajada had called the police after alleging his ex-wife had broken into his house, together with her father, beating up his 60-year-old maid and stealing files and computers, before attacking him and a lady friend of his as they arrived home. Her parting shot was throwing a large potted plant on his Mercedes. Later in court, the two sides agreed to bury the hatchet.

Adrian Delia is also involved with Mgarr Developments Ltd as a shareholder and director together with Aequitas Legal partner Georg Sapiano, and the Gozitan company Island Developments Ltd, also involved in construction.

Delia has admitted on TVM’s Xtra Sajf that he was involved as a 9% shareholder in a company that was limited to a redevelopment project.

Delia is also involved with his wife Nicole and Tonio Debono in Carnaby Limited, a company dealing with the importation of high quality wines.

Adrian Delia has so far committed to make a declaration of assets only if he is elected. A partner in the legal firm Aequitas with former PN candidate Georg Sapiano, the predecessor firm Sapiano & Associates had received some €890,000 in legal contracts by successive PN administrations according to parliamentary answers. One of the major awards by direct order was linked to a new proposed route system for the public bus company Arriva – the contract was worth €333,000.

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