Chris Said accuses government of ‘protecting the strong’ over lap dancing regularisation

Nationalit MP Chris Said claims Joseph Muscat’s government ‘follows the money’ and protects ‘the strongest side in the equation’

Chris Said pledged to ensure that every policy the PN drafted would ‘revolve around human dignity’
Chris Said pledged to ensure that every policy the PN drafted would ‘revolve around human dignity’

Nationalist Party leadership contender Chris Said has hit out at the government’s plans to regularise gentlemen’s clubs’ operations and advertising, accusing it of “following the money” rather than protecting women’s rights.

Last week, tourism minister Konrad Mizzi announced that the regulatory legislation will soon be underway.

In a blistering statement criticising the pro-business government led by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Said said that the planned legislation was “yet another example” of how the government sided with those who had the most financial leverage.

“Instead of defending the rights of the women employed in the clubs, Muscat is naturally on the side of the owners. He wants to 'regulate ' these clubs instead of tackling the matter head on and put to a stop to the exploitation of women,” he said, accusing the government of basing its policies on financial implications.

“That’s where the money is and for Muscat’s Labour money is the beginning and the end of every discussion.”

Said pledged that, if elected as PN leader, he would ensure that every policy the party drafted would “revolve around the dignity of the human being, the common good and the sustainable and ethical development of a country.”

“The Nationalist Party must never abandon the weak. Progress and development must reach everyone and not the few,” he said, adding that businesses would still be given full support to prosper, create more jobs and move the economy forward.

“But not at the price of poor working conditions, abuse, greed and short-sightedness. Social justice, solidarity and human dignity will be at the forefront of my leadership.”

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