[WATCH] Muscat to participate in mentoring programme for women in politics

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat will be mentoring candidates participating in the Labour Party's LEAD programme for women seeking active participation in local politics

MEP Miriam Dalli is overseeing the Labour Party's LEAD programme
MEP Miriam Dalli is overseeing the Labour Party's LEAD programme
MEP Miriam Dalli is overseeing the Labour Party's LEAD programme

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat will be one of a number of cabinet members mentoring women interested in a career in politics under the LEAD programme, MEP Miriam Dalli said on Monday.

Dalli, who is overseeing the programme, said during a press conference in the Parliament building that applications were now open to women over 16 years of age seeking to play an active role in local politics.

“The aim of this programme is to bring women closer to politics and to enable them to take a more active role in this, the country’s highest institution,” she said.

The initiative aims to see the Labour Party fielding a gender-balanced list of candidates by the 2027 general election. The programme had initially intended to take on 12 new candidates a year, but that number was raised to 35 when it became apparent that there was a great deal of interest in the initiative.

Dalli said that applicants would be asked to define their political ambitions and to put forward three recommendations for improving local politics.

The adjudicating board, presided by Lydia Abela, will be holding interviews between 6 and 13 September, before the final 3 candidates are identified.

Two networking sessions will be held during the year, led by Phyllis Muscat and Naomi Cachia. The mentoring sessions will be overseen by Paul Dalli, president of the Maltese Mentoring Society.

Daniel Micallef, president of the Labour Party, said that the LEAD programme was further evidence of the party’s commitment to promoting the participation of women in local politics.

He said that various party organs will be involved in the initiative, including Nisa Laburitsti, the Forum Zghazagh Laburisti and Fondazzjoni Ideat.

Micallef, together with Claudette Abela Baldacchino, will be leading training sessions on on-the-ground campaigning.

LEAD team member Sarah Haider said that the development programme will include opportunities for chosen candidates to appear on the party’s traditional media and social media platforms.

“It is imperative that women are encouraged to express their opinions in public,” she said. “Women should not only present political discussions but should also actively participate in them.”

Applications will be received until 4 September. The application form is available online at lead.org.mt .

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