Updated | Nothing worse than freemasonry, Aquilina says about ‘no one in particular’

The president of the PN’s administrative council took to Facebook to share his concern about freemasonry and politics • Adrian Delia issues press statement and asks Aquilina 'to substantiate' his statement

PN MP Karol Aquilina
PN MP Karol Aquilina

The president of the Nationalist Party’s administrative council has shared his concern over the sort of influence freemasonry could hold over a political party.

Taking to Facebook, Karol Aquilina shared a picture and a one-liner reading: “Freemasonry is the worst thing that can happen to a political party in Malta,” Aquilina said on Monday morning.

Over the weekend, the Nationalist Party held its first round of elections that put Adrian Delia and Chris Said as the two candidates who made it to the final round. The winner will be elected as the party and opposition’s new leader.

Aquilina’s Facebook post provoked several angry comments, some demanding to know whom Aquilina was referring to whilst others accused the “PN clique” of ruining the party.

Contacted by MaltaToday, Aquilina reiterated that he was simply against freemasonry.

“Membership in the freemasonry is incompatible with the Nationalist Party,” Aquilina reiterated.

Asked whether he was referring to either of the candidates, in particular to Delia as many of his Facebook commentators asked, Aquilina insisted that he was only stating the obvious.

He also said that he “has no candidate” and that he had met all four of them.

“I am a man of few words and I mean what I say. This is an absolute principle for the party. It is my duty to state this,” Aquilina reiterated, as he avoided questions on how his comment was being interpreted as a dig at the PN leadership election.

On Facebook, Aquilina was also asked what he would do if Delia is elected leader. He replied that he would continue working within the party.

Later on in the afternoon, Delia issued a press statement accusing Aquilina of being “ridiculous”.

“It is ridiculous that an elected representative tries to take people for a ride by implying that the PN will be taken over by masonry,” Delia said, calling on Aquilina to shoulder responsibility and substantiate his allegations.

Taking the opportunity, Delia said that, if elected leader, his priority would be that of uniting the party.

He would also offer “the hand of friendship” to those supporting the other candidates.

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