GWU will not accept any changes to public sector summer half-days

The General Workers’ Union assured government workers that it would not accept any changes to their working hours 

General Workers’ Union has lashed out against Chamber of Commerce’s proposal on summer half-days in the public sector, arguing that while not all public sector employees benefited from half-days in summer, those that did benefit, did so because they worked longer hours in winter. 

The Chamber of Commerce on Monday said it was unacceptable for many government departments to “closed shop altogether, or provid their services at a premium cost in the afternoons of summer months”, arguing that the economy’s “advanced pace” necessitated full working days for government sectors.

The Chamber said that the state should find a solution that will ensure that uninterrupted services are offered to businesses during the summer afternoons.

However in a statement, the GWU alleged that the only reason the Chamber of Commerce had made the suggestion was to make up for the government's proposal to give workers back public holidays that fall on the weekend.

The electoral promise has not yet come into effect.

The GWU assured all government employees that it would not be accepting any changes to summer working hours. 

“At a time when the economy is thriving, it is important that workers see their working conditions improving instead of deteriorating,” said the GWU.


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