PD outlines five Labour shortcomings after first 100 days of legislature

The Partit Demokratiku is calling on Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to address Malta's medium and long-term strategies, saying the government has 'failed to unite our beleaguered nation'

The Partit Demokratiku believe that in the first 100 days,
The Partit Demokratiku believe that in the first 100 days, "Malta's prosperity is not being assured"

Malta's prosperity is not being assured and the government needs to address Malta’s medium and long-term strategy in economic, environmental and development sustainability, the Partit Demokratiku said today.

In a statement, the party called on Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat to guarantee effective accountability and transparency, saying that the growing attitude of 'xejn mhu xejn' was being encouraged from top to bottom.

The PD claimed that throughout the first 100 days of this legislature, the Labour government had undervalued Malta’s natural and architectural beauty and had played down environmental, social, cultural and infrastructural impacts, with no national development master-plan in sight.

The government had lost any or all interest in safeguarding Malta's skyline and seascape and had also traded public land or upgraded policies to make it possible for Malta to be "paid a pittance whilst selected businessmen make a pot of gold”, the PD said.

Moreover, it insisted, the government had also introduced a number of Public-Private Partnerships that made no economic or social good sense.

"Muscat has unfortunately failed to unite our beleaguered nation," the party said. "The government has not only attempted to heal this divide, but has deepened it further, both by its actions and by its inertia.”

The PD listed the following as examples of positive action that has not been undertaken during these 100 days:

  • to affirm the values of public administration as an instrument for the common good (according to the Public Administration Bill)
  • to strengthen the integrity system by appointing a Commissioner of Public Standards (according to Bill no 63, Standards in Public Life, enacted in early 2017)
  • to ensure that all authorities function autonomously and independent of government and civil service
  • to table a Bill on the Appointment of Board Members and Ambassadors
  • to initiate formal discussions on the constitutional reform

On the other hand, PD noted that the government had immediately introduced a procedural motion on parliamentary affairs - without there being a need to - and had not opened discussions with the opposition to update the present standing orders.

They were therefore calling on the government to rethink its decision on the motion.

“Muscat has stated that he does not want a negative opposition and yet, he is not doing his part to accomplish this reality,” PD said.

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