Update 2 | Casa says he has damning FIAU report on Konrad Mizzi and money laundering allegations

Nationalist MEP David Casa says he has full FIAU report calling for criminal investigations on minister Konrad Mizzi for alleged money laundering • Mizzi denies claims and insists the FIAU has already contadicted reports made

Tourism minister Konrad Mizzi was formerly an energy minister responsible for Malta's transition to gas
Tourism minister Konrad Mizzi was formerly an energy minister responsible for Malta's transition to gas

The Nationalist MEP David Casa has said he is in possession of a “damning report” by the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit which calls for criminal investigations on minister Konrad Mizzi for alleged money laundering and the possible existence of money derived from crime.

A spokesperson for Casa said the report has nothing do with previous leaks of FIAU reports or excerpts from an allegedly unfinished investigation. “This is a finished FIAU report that was never published. David Casa is in possession of the full, finished report.”

Casa said that the report contains damning conclusions in relation to Konrad Mizzi, but also other damning conclusions on people, companies, financial intermediaries and a bank “known to be involved in the shady dealings of Joseph Muscat’s inner circle.”

The FIAU categorically denied the allegations, insisting that there is no final report - the reference is to the excerpts of an unfinished FIAU investigation that claimed Mizzi and Keith Schembri, the PM’s chief of staff, had set up their Panama companies to receive cash from a Dubai offshore company called ‘17 Black’ owned by Bumi Armada, the operators of the LNG tanker in Malta.

"FIAU reports are only finalised after comprehensive work, including collection and analysis of information, evaluation by the internal Financial Analysis Committee, review by senior officials, and final signatures by the officials responsible for the report. This process is time-consuming, especially when it involves international cooperation.

"The FIAU cannot and will not make public any confidential information or documents in its possession and this in accordance with applicable provisions of the Law and in line with international standards. Furthermore, the unauthorised possession and the disclosure of confidential information or documents illegally obtained from the FIAU constitutes a criminal offence. It will not only damage the FIAU but will also prejudice any ongoing investigations and may expose FIAU officials to unnecessary safety and security risks."

Casa was one of the MEPs forming part of the fact-finding delegation that visited Malta earlier this week.

“I know that the report has been ready since at least March this year. Yet, although eight months have passed since then, this report remains at the FIAU under lock and key,” Casa said, adding he had verified the report’s authenticity.

“This is cast-iron evidence of the collapse of the rule of law and the political capture of yet another institution, if ever any more evidence was still necessary.”

The MEP said FIAU representatives who met the European Parliament delegation had lied about the status of this report by calling it merely a ‘working document’ “when they know very well that the report has been concluded for several months. Again, this shows how the FIAU has now been completely hijacked by the Government.”

Casa said he was calling on the FIAU and Attorney General Peter Grech, as well as finance minister Edward Scicluna and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to publish the report and start the necessary criminal action against Mizzi and “immediately assume the political responsibility for their failure to take action earlier.”

Casa said that if no action is taken he will take the matter in to his own hands to ensure justice is served.

“The fact this report had to reach me in order for its damning conclusions to be brought to light shows the extent of the decline of the rule of law under Prime Minister Joseph Muscat – a decline that is causing untold damage to our country. The fact that Joseph Muscat has vehemently defended, retained and promoted Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi for the past eighteen months, shows just how much he is in cahoots with them.”

Minister denies claims

In a statement, tourism minister Konrad Mizzi denied the allegations and insisted no bank accounts were ever opened, no transactions were ever made, and no money was ever received by the trust and the underlying company.

He said the audit of those structures was also published.

"These recycled false allegations were made in May 2017," Mizzi said. "The FIAU had issued a statement contradicting the reports made."