Delia insists investors should be screened beforehand

Opposition leader Adrian Delia said that the country needs to protect its reputation and that investment should be done with scrutiny

The government has opened the country’s doors to all kinds of people, thereby endangering the future of the youth and of all types of jobs, Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia said.

Only people with a clear motive should be allowed to invest in Malta, according to Delia, who went on to warn the government to protect the island’s reputation as two of the largest economic sectors – the gaming and financial sectors – rely on the country’s reputation.

When addressing issues regarding the American University of Malta (AUM), the Opposition leader stated that it is positive that investment is being directed towards the Southern part of Malta but this investment should be done by qualified and experienced people.

Addressing PN supporters during a political activity in St. Paul’s Bay, Delia stated that the government opted to choose a contractor that will take the country’s best land and make money off it, adding that Zonqor Point should return to the Maltese people.

When speaking about the country’s education sector, Delia claimed that it was in crisis not because the government is not building a school every year but because “teachers are fed up and saddened with the way the government is treating them”.

Delia expressed his concern with this situation as it not only affects the teachers but also the country’s future.

While speaking about Vitals Healthcare, Delia said that the government is humiliating the Maltese people. According to him, the hospitals were given to someone who has no experience in the health sector. “Imagine sending a sick loved one to someone you don’t know.”

Delia alleged that this was a plan that was structured to fail in order for the government to make money.

The Opposition leader recalled how when asked in parliament, Chris Fearne responded that the agreement’s details will be released when the deal is done.

Delia also asked how come the agreement between Vitals and Steward Healthcare is being recalled as the proper agreement, and what the previous agreement was in the first place.

Delia also believes that the helicopter being used to airlift patients from Gozo to Malta should be either leased on the day they are to be used, or else to be permanently bought by the government, as paying for its services is too expensive.

Referring to the projects exhibited during yesterday’s V18 opening activities, Delia insisted that these were all created under the previous PN administration.

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