[WATCH] V18 public transport fiasco: 'Victims of our own success', says Jason Micallef

V18 chairperson Jason Micallef says the impressive response of people who made it to the opening ceremony in Valletta last Saturday overwhelmed the public transport operator • New solutions that involve local councils needed

People had to wait for hours to board a bus back home after the V18 celebrations
People had to wait for hours to board a bus back home after the V18 celebrations
V18 chairperson Jason Micallef on public transport chaos

The events that kick-started Valletta's year-long reign as European capital of culture may have gone down very well with the crowds but the otherwise well-organised evening ended with a sour taste for many who opted to use public transport.

The chaos that ensued had Transport Minister Ian Borg admitting that things should have been organised better. But V18 chairperson Jason Micallef told MaltaToday the impressive response, overwhelmed the public transport operator.

"We, or rather Valletta, is a victim of its own success... we had around 110,000 people visit the capital on the night and in circumstances like these we have to find alternative solutions," Micallef said.

One such solution is roping in local councils and using pre-funded transport services from the different localities, Micallef said, adding that the V18 committee's regional coordinator for Gozo organised a number of private coaches and mini vans to accomodate visitors from the sister island.

Micallef was speaking to Illum editor Albert Gauci Cunningham and the full interview with him will appear on TVM programme, 7 Ijiem next Sunday.

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