[WATCH] Delia’s suggestion of free buses for young people is already in effect, PL say


Labour Party says Opposition leader’s suggestion, on TVM's Skjetti, of free buses for young people, was a measure which has existed since the 2017 budget

Adrian Delia on Skjetti - footage sent by the Labour Party

Adrian Delia on Skjetti - footage sent by the Labour Party

Opposition leader Adrian Delia proposed a solution to the traffic problem - free public transport - which the government had already put into effect with budget 2017, the Labour Party said today.

Delia had been speaking on Skjetti on TVM, when he was asked how he would address the traffic problem in Malta.

“Delia said he would solve the transport problem by offering a free bus service for those aged between 18 to 21,” the PL said, “It seems that he isn’t aware about the measures drawn up in last year’s and this year’s budget.”

“Last year, 5,000 young people aged 18 made use of this scheme, and saved €200,000. The scheme was [this year] extended to those aged 16 to 20, allowing 28,000 young people to benefit from it.”

The Labour Party said that Delia had been failing test after test, that he wasn’t aware of basic facts but still persisted in offering criticism, and that it would be good if he started to take his role as Opposition leader “seriously”.

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