EU directive led by David Casa seeks to introduce 10 days of paternity leave

The directive also proposes four months paid leave for each parent to be taken until the child reaches a certain age 

Nationalist MEP David Casa seeks to introduce 10 days of paid paternity leave in a new European work-life balance directive.

The directive also proposes four months paid leave for any parent to be taken until the child reaches a certain age, as well as five days of annual carer’s leave for those taking on caring responsibilities for dependents. 

David Casa, the head of delegation, has completed the first stage of work-life balance directive. He is responsible for establishing the European Parliament’s position on the issue and will represent the Parliament in negotiations with the Council of Ministers.

“If this legislation is adopted it would constitute a dramatic improvement to the rights of parents and have a tangible effect on the lives of Maltese people,” Casa said.

The aim of the proposal is to create a better balance in the uptake of caring responsibilities between men and women, increasing women’s participation in the labour market, and addressing their unequal treatment and opportunities in the workplace. It would also encourage the strengthening of men’s roles as carers in the family, benefitting children, Casa said.

“I am working to ensure that this legislation can be implemented as expediently as possible, while at the same insetting safeguards  so as to ensure that businesses will not be overly burdened by the obligations that this legislation will create,” He said.

The work-life balance directive is one of the first concrete deliverables of the European Pillar for Social Rights. It is based on the ‘New Start’ initiative aimed to address the work-life balance challenges faced by working parents and carers.

The initiative would help in the pursuit of the objectives set out in the Treaty of equality between men and women with regard to labour market opportunities and equal treatment at work.

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