Teen’s Facebook page taken down after online abuse over Zack Meli murder

Bulgarian teen Denis Davkov will be arraigned in court tomorrow over the death of 24-year-old Zack Meli

Denis Davkov, 19, has been named as the man who punched Zack Meli, ultimately causing his death
Denis Davkov, 19, has been named as the man who punched Zack Meli, ultimately causing his death

The 19-year-old man believed to have dealt a fatal blow to 24-year-old Zack Meli has taken his Facebook page down after receiving online threats and abuse.

On Sunday the country woke up to the news that Meli had died from injuries sustained in a fight in Paceville in the early hours of the morning.

In a statement, the police said they were “speaking to some foreigners in relation to the case” however as the day progressed, Denis Davkov, a Bulgarian national living in Malta, was named in media reports as the individual Meli had had an argument with.

The reports have said that Davkov is in police custody and will be arraigned in court tomorrow morning.

Writing on Facebook following his death, Meli’s cousin said had been killed by two foreigners “who just happened to feel like hitting someone on the head for fun”.

“They surrounded him and with one blow he was killed,” she wrote.

Grief soon turned to anger and as Davkov’s name started circulating round the media many users flocked to the youngster’s Facebook page, venting their anger, hurling abuse and threats at him.

“You’re not welcome on our Island! You ruined a family! Hope yours will be destroyed!,” wrote one user.

“You’re shit human being, I hope you feel the same pain his parents are feeling right now, you cancer,” wrote another.

The insults continued for a while until Davkov's page was taken down.

The circumstances surrounding the alleged fight between the two youngsters are as yet unclear, however it appears that Davkov punched Meli after Meli bumped into his girlfriend as he was going home from a night out.

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