Thousands take to the street of St Julian’s for St Patrick’s Day celebrations

The day's celebrations have kicked off in St Julian’s and the Paceville area in what will be one of the busiest days of the year

Thousands will flock to St Julians for the yearly festival
Thousands will flock to St Julians for the yearly festival

Crowds of people have started flocking to St Julian’s for the annual St Patrick’s Day celebrations. By the end of the day, thousands will have descended upon Paceville and Spinola.

Pubs and bars in the area have erected outdoor stalls in a bid to make the most of the day's business.

While fun for revellers, the celebrations are considered to be a huge inconvenience for people living in the area, especially when considering the vast amount of litter normally left behind.

The cleansing department will be starting the clean-up during the night with the hope of being ready by the early hours of morning as well as having employees on scene throughout the day that will be emptying and replacing bins. 

This year, a number of bars in the area have collaborated with six NGOs and the local council, in installing portable toilets as well as obtaining additional security for the event.

As happened last year, the police will be enforcing a strict no-glass ban on bottles and cups.

The feast has become a popular calendar day and continues to gain in popularity each year.

A helpline (21373111) has been provided to residents of the area to report any irregularities that may arise throughout the celebrations.