St Patrick’s Day still nightmare for St Julian’s residents, despite efforts to address issues

St Julian’s mayor insists council tried its best to reduce inconveniece for residents, but says more needs to be done next year

30,000 people attended yesterday's festivities
30,000 people attended yesterday's festivities

Despite a combined effort to reduce the inconvenience caused by yesterday’s St Patrick’s Day festivities in St Julian’s, which saw an estimated 30,000 revellers descend on the town, yesterday's celebrations have still led to many cases of drinkers turning residential areas into latrines.

Contacted about this issue, St Julian’s mayor Guido Dalli said that 30 public toilets had been installed around the area this year.

“A considerable amount of people were queuing to use the public toilets, but we have limited control over what people do in side streets,” Dalli said, highlighting that more public lavatories would be set up next year.

Asked if an increased police presence was needed, Dalli said that in his opinion "enough police" were posted along the festivities’ main areas.

The mayor said that this year’s collective organisation of the feast - where the local council, bars and band and social clubs all got involved - was the first of its kind, and the council is now looking to build up on what was done this year in an ongoing process.

A helpline was set up for residents to call in case of any disturbance, and, according to Dalli, the complaints of all those who called were addressed.

“Although we did not receive the amount of calls we expected, all those who required help were assisted - from blocked garages to ambulances - we tried our best to reduce any inconvenience,” Dalli continued.

Noise was still an issue according to Dalli, who said that he had no power over the volume of music played in establishments, as long as the police deemed it legal.

“I disagree with the amount of loud music played yesterday - I don't see how it relates to the festivities,” Dali said.

The mayor thanked the police for their co-operation and apologised for any trouble caused to residents.

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