‘Gozo tunnel is crazy idea that will kill island’, developer Angelo Xuereb warns

Angelo Xuereb, winner of EY’s ‘Malta Entrepreneur of the Year’ award, says the Malta-Gozo tunnel will only turn holidaymakers away from the island

Developer Anglu Xuereb has come out against the construction of a tunnel connecting Malta and Gozo, saying the project will decimate the island's charm.

“To me, that’s crazy. We’re going to kill Gozo,” Xuereb said of the project, which enjoys bipartisan support.

“Would you go to Gozo, just to end up in traffic jams there as well? That’s not why people go to Gozo. If it happens, they’ll just go to Sicily instead. [Pause] Why? Why are we doing this? When I speak to Gozitans... they know I am against this project. But some of them are friends of mine; we talk frankly. I tell them: ‘Do you want more cars in Gozo?’ They say: ‘No.’ ‘So why do you want a tunnel?’ ‘Because we wait too long [for the ferry]’.”

Thousands of Gozitans who travel to Malta every day for work and study believe the tunnel will solve connectivity problems for them and allow them to stay in Gozo while commuting to Malta.

“I’m not denying it is a problem. But the solution should surely be... get faster ferries. Why does it have to take half an hour to cross the Gozo channel? A fast ferry, nowadays, can do it in five minutes. And it’s not just ferries, either. If there is one place where bendy-buses make sense, it would be to take passengers from Mgarr to Rabat [Gozo], where they can get taxis to anywhere in Gozo for €10... or a circular bus service. Same on the other side: a fast bus to Mosta, where there would be an interchange station. That would solve the problem of waiting...”


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