[WATCH] David Casa confident corrupt government figures would soon face justice

The PN MEP said the assistance of international media organisations would allow the truth to be revealed

PN MEP David Casa was summoned to testify this morning
PN MEP David Casa was summoned to testify this morning
David Casa, PN MEP

Nationalist MEP David Casa said he was confident that government figures involved in corruption would face justice “very soon” with the assistance of the international news media.

Casa was summoned to testify before magistrate Doreen Clarke this morning on a leaked Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) report, which he has said contains damning evidence of “illegal activity” by Tourism minister Konrad Mizzi.

In a press conference held last February, Casa told journalists that, despite claims to the contrary, the report had been concluded by the FIAU in March 2017, and concluded "in the clearest terms" that legal proceedings must be brought against Mizzi.

He told MaltaToday this morning that he had refused to reveal his source when asked to do so. “I gave my word to this person that I would not reveal his name and I do not wish to place his life in danger. Therefore, I choose to bear the responsibility for the report instead of the person who gave it to me.”

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Casa said: “the court battle began a long time ago, but tomorrow a new battle will start: the press. Maltese, European and International. We must help the media to help us reveal the truth so that democracy and justice will reign once again in our country.

 “I have no doubt as to the great help the international media will be giving us. We’ve been working with them for months. We must pass on every bit of information to them so that those who need to face justice will face it and answer for their actions.

“They can run but they can’t hide. We will get them soon. Very soon.”

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