Matthew Caruana Galizia: ‘Did Joseph Muscat plan my mother’s murder on his laptop?’

Daphne Caruana Galizia’s son has hit out at questions over whether the family may have prevented murder investigators from analysing his mother’s laptop

Matthew Caruana Galizia
Matthew Caruana Galizia

Matthew Caruana Galizia is insisting that he does not know where his mother’s laptop is and if he knew, he would burn it in front of the police.

In a Facebook post, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s son said the police needed Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s laptop and not his mother’s, to arrive at the people who commissioned the journalist’s murder.

The Facebook post on Tuesday afternoon
The Facebook post on Tuesday afternoon

“Joseph Muscat, where is your laptop? Where is the laptop and the private [email protected] email server that you could have used to plan the assassination of my mother?”

MaltaToday reported last Sunday that the police had asked inquiring magistrate Anthony Vella to take possession of Caruana Galizia’s laptop after it emerged that the only computer taken from the house was an old one.

The request was filed in the days after the car bomb that killed Caruana Galizia last year.

Questions have cropped up as to whether the family may have held on to the journalist’s laptop, which may contain important information for the murder investigation.

When contacted by MaltaToday, Vella confirmed the police request but could not say whether he followed through with it.

Peter Caruana Galizia refrained from commenting when asked by this newspaper whether the laptop was with the family.

Court testimony so far has revealed that there was no sign of a laptop at the scene of the crime and the only laptop analysed by the court-appointed expert was last used in 2015.

Matthew Caruana Galizia’s post on Tuesday afternoon, comes a few hours before a consortium of international journalists starts publishing reports derived from stories and documents the slain journalist had worked on.

Three men have been charged with Caruana Galizia's murder but nothing has emerged so far as to the motive of the crime and who may have commissioned the bombing. The compilation of evidence against George Degiorgio, Alfred Degiorgio and Vince Muscat is ongoing.