[WATCH] What do the Maltese think of Malta's standoff with Italy on rescued migrants?

MaltaToday asked the public for their opinion in the wake of the impasse between Italy and Malta on migrant rescue vessel

Migrants aboard the Aquarius being told of their situation on Monday
Migrants aboard the Aquarius being told of their situation on Monday

Following the standoff between Italy and Malta on the migrant rescue on Monday, MaltaToday took to the streets of Valletta to find out what the public thinks on the matter.

629 migrants were stranded on the high sees before Spain stepped in to take the ship, which was refused by both Italy and Malta.

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The issue arose when Italy’s new populist government insisted that Malta take in the migrants rescued by the humanitarian ship Aquarius, which it refused to do.

Muscat told the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte that Malta was acting in full conformity with its international obligations in rejecting the ship. Muscat highlighted however that Malta was willing to help avoid humanitarian crises.

Addressing journalists on Wednesday morning, the Prime Minister said it was unlikely that the forthcoming European Council summit would see EU leaders reach an agreement on changes to the Dublin regulations on migration

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On Monday, Spain said that it would be welcoming the Aquarius and allowing it to dock in Valencia.

French President Emmanuel Macron denounced the block on the Aquarius, insisting that Italy should have taken the migrants in.

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