Student transport supervision shunned by teachers because of logistical problems, union says

The Malta Union of Teachers says it is not surprised by the lack of interest teachers have in the take up of government’s offer to act as supervisors on school transport

Free, supervised school transport for all students is an electoral pledge
Free, supervised school transport for all students is an electoral pledge

Teachers are shunning government’s proposal to act as supervisors on school transport because of logistical problems to reach pick-up points before and after school opening times.

The teachers’ union, MUT said it was not surprised by the news that teachers have given the proposal a cool reception, adding it had warned about this during the consultation process.

Government may be forced to resort to supervisors outside the education system.

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The union was reacting to a report in the Times of Malta that spoke of the difficulties the education ministry was facing to entice teachers to act as school transport supervisors.

The government has pledged to introduce free, supervised transport for all primary and secondary schools, including church and independent schools.

The MUT said one of the major issues was the logistical problem of having teachers reach the pick-up points in the morning, leaving their car there all day, and trying to find a way of getting back to their vehicle in the afternoon.

“The logistical problems are worse for those who are given different journeys in the morning and afternoon,” the union said.

However, the union also raised concerns on the student-supervisor ratio, which could mean that one supervisor is responsible for 50 students on a bus.

The MUT asked the education minister that anybody tasked with supervision on school transport should have the necessary credentials to act as a supervisor with students.

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