Urgent decisions must be taken to ensure more EU funding for Gozo, MEP insists

Roberta Metsola said that improvements in technology, accessibility and EU funding were critical for the island to keep up with an ever-changing world   

Metsola insisted that improved accessibility and technological access are vital for an enhanced Gozo
Metsola insisted that improved accessibility and technological access are vital for an enhanced Gozo

Nationalist Party MEP Roberta Metsola has called for better investment in Gozo in order to improve accessibility, technology and the islands ability to access EU funding.

The MEP said it was evident that Gozo must benefit from the maximum amount of funding possible, something the Maltese government should address immediately, whilst the negotiations on the upcoming EU bugdet are ongoing.

Metsola emphasised that such funds were crucial for further investment in the island, which was in turn necessary for economic growth.

Speaking at the event ‘Create your own Europe’ in Gozo and organised by the European Parliament Office in Malta, Metsola called for targeted action for Gozo to reach it's potential.

The MEP emphasised the urgent need for an updated ferry service between Malta and Gozo, arguing that the current arrangement was costing Gozitans that travel between the two islands valuable time and money. 

“Gozo Channel doesn't only need urgent modernisation and upgrading of the current ferries, but one or two more ferries which should minimise queues and having to spend hours to travel from one island to the other,” she said, adding that a helicopter service and permanent link were also options to be considered. 

Better access to technology was also addressed by Metsola, who said that the new industries are increasingly relying on creativity and innovation, and as a result required adequate technology.

At this point, Metsola also emphasised that Gozitans who travel daily to work in Malta should not see their pay being spent on transport fees, as these individuals would already be facing the daily challenge of commuting.

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