FIAU expected to ask European Parliament to remove Casa's immunity as MEP

Nationalist MEP David Casa said the FIAU should work with those who seek justice, rather than operate like the corrupt politicians it is protecting • "Casa should stop thinking he is above the law," Labour Party reacts 

The FIAU is expected to request the European Parliament to remove Casa’s parliamentary immunity after he leaked an FIAU report into the dealings of Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi.

A day after the Egrant Inc inquiry was concluded and handed to the Attorney General, Casa published what he claimed to be a leaked FIAU report.

Sources told Illum that the FIAU will seek to remove his political immunity so that it could initiate criminal proceedings against him after he published the report.

This will be the first time that Malta will request to remove an MEP’s immunity.  

Reacting to the news, Casa released a statement on Sunday, accusing the FIAU of operating like the corrupt politicians it’s protecting.

Casa said that the unit was operating like the corrupt politicians it is protecting, rather than protecting those who seek justice. He said that the report he published provided enough information on corruption and money laundering for police to take action against Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi.

 He went on to say that the hijacking of institutions has reached unbearable levels. “The objective is clear – threaten, intimidate and destroy those standing between the rule of law and those that seek to undermine it.”

He said that confidentiality rules in anti-money laundering laws were in place to prevent suspects from becoming aware they were being investigated as they might abscond or destroy evidence. The insistence on enforcing such a law in the case of Dr Mizzi, when his exploits were well-documented and largely in the public domain, was a perversion of the intention of that law.

Casa said that this week, he gave his word to his electorate that he would not succumb to such threats. He said he was now more determined than ever to do good on that promise.

"David Casa is a false politician" - Labour Party reacts

“Casa should stop thinking he is above the law,” the Labour Party said in reaction to his statement on Sunday.

The Party said that while it would not comment on any leaked reports or speculation, Casa should stop assuming that he could do whatever he likes.

“Casa is a false politician,” Labour said, saying that Casa previously promoted a lie about the Prime Minister and his family on a European level, and released a tampered FIAU document. 


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