Mother’s child abduction claims prove false after police investigations – media reports

A man was detained by police last week after a woman alleged that he tried to kidnap and molest her son at Ghadira bay

The man was alleged to have tried to grab her child and cover his mouth to stop him from screaming
The man was alleged to have tried to grab her child and cover his mouth to stop him from screaming

The case against a man who was detained after he allegedly tried to kidnap a five-year-old boy from Ghadria bay will likely not be pursued by the police after it turned out that it was likely untrue, according to media reports.

Last week, the police confirmed that they had received a report and had held a man in connection with the investigation into the case.

The child’s mother wrote on Facebook today that she saw a man grab her child and cover his mouth to prevent him from screaming out.

She said the man - whom she described as having been “a foreigner, of the black state” - started trying to touch the boy while attempting to take him into a tent that he had on the beach.

She added that had it not been for the boy having bitten the man’s hand, the alleged child snatcher would have managed to take him into his tent.

However according to TVM, when the boy was asked to repeat what had happened to a social worker, without his mother present, he gave a completely different version of events to that given by his mother.

Social workers were convinced that the boy was telling the truth, the report said.

The report said that allegations the man had covered the boy’s mouth and molested him while he tried to push him into a tent couldn’t be proved, nor did investigators find any signs that the boy had bitten.

From police investigations it turned out that the man, along with his girlfriend, where at the bay from before and had argued with the boy’s parents who, upon their arrival, accused them of taking their “usual spot”.

TVM reports that according to police sources, the case will be dropped with the parents being let off with a warning. No action will be taken against the accused man.

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