[WATCH] Archbishop to personally certify autistic child’s Holy Communion

Following a personal meeting held at the residence of the child’s family, the Archbishop will be personally celebrating the Holy Communion next Sunday 

Archbishop Charles J Scicluna, will be personally celebrating Ella Agius’ Holy Communion at her residence next Sunday, Ella Agius’s father has told MaltaToday.

The family will be celebrating the Holy Communion by replacing the Eucharist with bread, making it easier for Ella to accept it. 

Having been denied official certification by Burmarrad parish priest, Christian Anthony Borg, Ella’s family were personally contacted by Archbishop Scicluna, and a meeting at their own personal residence was held on Tuesday. 

This was confirmed by the archbishop in a video released by the Archdiocese of Malta’s official Facebook page. 

The Archbishop hailed the family’s will to indoctrinate their child into the church’s teachings. 

In the event that Ella does not accept the Eucharist once again, the Archbishop will still be certifying her communion.

Ella’s father, Jean Claude Agius, told MaltaToday that during the meeting, Scicluna had discussed issues the young girl faces due to her autism. 

“We discussed issues we face as a family and as individuals. We also appealed to the Archbishop to increase awareness on issues similar to ours,” Jean Claude said. 

Agius expressed his satisfaction with the way the Archbishop handled the situation, adding that the experience had been much easier than that with the parish priest.

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