Another group of MV Lifeline migrants leave Malta for Norway

A group of migrants, including a mother and an infant, left Malta for Norway yesterday evening after arriving on the MV Lifeline last June 

A group of migrants left Malta for Norway yesterday evening, through the ad hoc solidarity procedure adopted by Malta after the disembarkation of a group of migrants on board MV Lifeline on 27 June, the government has confirmed.

The group of migrants included a mother and an infant.

The migrants were assessed by the immigration authorities of Norway while the Maltese authorities continued to attend to all their requirements during their stay in Malta.

The needs of the remaining migrants are being cared for by the Agency for the Welfare of Asylum Seekers at the Initial Reception Centre, which is not an open centre.

France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal have already taken some of the 233 migrants.

Belgium, Ireland and Italy have also pledged their commitment to participate in the mechanism.