[LIVE] Make this your New Year's Eve countdown: fireworks from around the world

Parts of the world have already ushered in 2019 as the new year, with Malta preparing to end Valletta 2018 with a bang a few hours from now

Since the Earth is round (ellipsoidal) and Sydney, Australia, is 11 hours ahead of Malta, that part of the world is ushering in the new year already.

Just now, in fact, Sydney's sky is lit up with fireworks as a new day—and a new year—is being welcomed.

Earlier, torrential rain drenched the garbed-in-summer-wear campers who were waiting for the light show as a thunderstorm dulled the sky over Sydney harbour. An 8pm aerial flyover display was cancelled due to the lightning.

But time rolled on regardless and a new year has begun on the other side of the world.

On the other hand, the weather in Malta has been mostly bright and sunny this season and we can safely assume that there will be no rain on tonight's parade in Valletta.

For a bang end to Valletta 2018, the Valletta 2018 Foundation teamed up with G7 events, the Valletta Local Council, the Malta Tourism Authority, the Ministry for Tourism and the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government.

St George's Square will once again host the main stage. It will see performances by Xarulu, Ira Losco, and DJ Pierre Cordina who will approach the countdown with the best dance anthems of 2018 under a fireworks display.

The event will be hosted by Maltese singer-songwriter Corazon Mizzi and Minister for Culture Owen Bonnici.

At the Valletta waterfront, roaming children's animation will be featured, along with live bands Talitha Dimech and Kersten Graham. An afterparty with DJ Von Brockdorff will initiate the new year. An aerial fireworks display with confetti on the Valletta Waterfront promenade will overlook the historic port and fortifications.

Valletta 2018 featured at least 350 events across Malta and Gozo with the participation of about 2,000 artists and the attendance of around 350,000 people.

As is custom, there are many other parties taking place across the island. Resolutions, an open-bar party at Montekristo Estate seems to be the most popular this year.

On the sister island, the Ministry for Gozo is presenting New Year's Eve celebrations in Independence Square in Victoria. The event is free of charge and will feature music by The Travellers, Gianni Zammit, The Crosswalk Gang, Wobis Duo and an international guest, Jonas Blue. The latter's biggest hit has 519million views on Youtube.